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We were delighted to welcome Claire Matthews of the PDST to our Spring 2015 Workshop in early March. Claire treated us to a thought-provoking session on writing in the MFL classroom. Claire’s Prezi can be found below. This was followed by the Methodology Carousel. The results of our discussion at the Methodology Carousel were compiled by members of the committee and can be found below as well. A big thank you to all who attended and made it such an interesting day! If you want to read tweets about the day with photos, links and ideas, click here.

Claire Matthew’s Prezi on Writing in the MFL Classroom and the link to the PDST MFL site where many of the resources that Claire mentioned are available.

Transition Year: MC TY

Trips: Home & Abroad: MC Trips

Drama techniques in the Classroom: MC Drama

Differentiation tips: MC Differentiation


Our AGM and Conference 2014 was the biggest yet, with 130 attendees! We have created a separate page for the presentations, which you can see here. 



At the TeachMeet in October, Wilma Slevin (now our vice-president) shared some ideas for oral work, which she has kindly made available to share on the website.

Oral Communication Ideas – Wilma Slevin – TeachMeet Friday 10th 2014

  1. Rollcall – get each student to call out a word from a topic you have just covered
  2. Birthday – each student has to stand in a line (zigzagged to fit the room) according to their dates of birth but can only ask each other in Spanish
  3. Dominos – each student gets a card divided into 2 – one side with a Spanish word or phrase and the other side is the English translation or answer to another student’s card.
  4. Verb cards – each student gets either the root or ending of a verb. The teacher calls out a verb in English and it is up to the students to stand up with the correct root and verb ending. Can also do this as a competition, dividing the class in 2 and each group having to do this against each other.
  5. Snakes and ladders – each square has a word to translate, a question to answer, a topic to discuss (depending on level) and in small groups they work through the board.

Blockbusters – Using the sample board, each section has a letter of the alphabet/picture/verb/topic and the students must make their way across the board answering these.

  1. Trivial Pursuits – students talk for 30 seconds on a topic or just answer the question. They must answer a question from each coloured card. Sample is French here.

Speed Dating – give each student a card with info on it and they must then ask and answer questions about themselves with the person in front of them. Or using the role plays, students play the role of the examiner or the student, once completed the student moves on to the next role play and the examiner stays. Good to have some of the weaker students (or simply those who havent heard them) act as the examiner as they get to hear the same roleplay many times.

Role play cards – – Big Town Cards for students


Present Tense Dominos


3rd Year Oral Work snakes and ladders


trivial_pursuit oral work



In the 2014 May workshop, we facilitated a Methodology Carousel during which we discussed the four topics before (as voted on by our members). Please have a look through the ideas and let us know if we have left anything out or if you would like to add anything to what has already been shared. You can read about the May workshop here. Our March workshop (March 7th 2015) will also include a Methodology Carousel.

Methodology Carousel Listening

Methodology Carousel Opinion Piece

Methodology Carousel Differentiation

Methodology Carousel TY

At the May workshop, we also worked with a teaching unit, which Fátima Gonzalo Gómez of True Spanish Experience has shared with us here. It is about las tres culturas using a CLIL approach.


Here are the Department’s guidelines for the optional Junior Certificate Oral Examination.



In 2010, we were lucky to have the Chief Inspector for Spanish, Joan Sutton speak to us about Spanish subject inspections. You can view her presentation here: Joan_Sutton on Subject Inspection.


During the workshop in May 2013, five of our committee members volunteered to make short presentations about the new roleplays. They gathered and created resources, created powerpoints and shared tips and ideas. They have been kind enough to agree to share these resources and will be sending them into the website over the next few weeks. So far, the following resources are available. Please remember that all resources are just suggestions, and that the ATS cannot provide a definitive guide to how to teach or answer examination questions.

If any teachers have any further ideas and tips that we can add to this, please leave a comment or send us an email.

Here is a link to the new role plays.

The documents in the post should automatically download to your computer, unless they are a webpage, in which case a new webpage should open.

tortilla y café
pincho de tortilla y un café

Situación 1 – Irene Navarro

presentacion role play 1 mayo 2013

Situación 2 – Kay Macken

Valencia _ tercera ciudad más grande de España

Situación 3 – Lidia Cardoza

Roleplay 3 El hotel

Situación 3 A

Hotel intro of language (1)




La cancion de quejas – cancion – LV

reorder the letter of complaint 1

Situación 4

Still to be uploaded.

Situación 5 – Wilma Slevin

Las Islas Cies PPT Presentation

Prestige newspaper articles

Tapescript for Cies youtube clip

Un paseo por las Islas Cíes comprehension

Webquest – Islas Cies

Huge thanks to (in alphabetical order) José Cabello, Lidia Cardoza, Kay Macken, Irene Navarro and Wilma Slevin for the work they did in May and for the resources that you see here so far.