Past Workshops

Regional Workshop 2017 – Bundoran 4th March 2017

We had a very successful workshop in the north-west of the region on the 4th of March. It was a great opportunity for people in the region to network, get and give advice to each other and of course add to their own CPD portfolio.

A huge thank you must go to Kenia Puig from the Post Primary Initiative who gave a very interesting presentation on How to extract the socio-cultural element in class. The afternoon session was led by 2 of our regional committee members, Arantxa Lopez and Dearbhla Lynch and focused on a peer assessment of the Leaving Cert higher level opinion piece. All participants on the day went home with great examples and lots of food for thought in the implementation of these topics into their teaching.

Without the enthusiasm and dedication from teachers such as Arantxa and Dearbhla, a workshop in the region could not have been possible so a huge thanks must go to them for liasing with the Executive Committee to bring the event to fruition. Also thanks to ID Languages for hosting the event.

Workshops 2017  

Instituto Cervantes, Dublin                                     25th March 2017  

Dublin Workshop

We have an amazing line up for you for our next workshop in Dublin on the 25th of March, which will take place in the Instituto Cervantes. We are collaborating with the Junta de Castilla y León,  la Consejería de Educación, the Instituto Cervantes and the PDST to bring you 3 separate presentations as well as giving you the opportunity to participate in a methodology carousel.

For those of you who missed the PDST’s Grammar Workshop this year you have another opportunity here. This will be an abridged version of the original workshop but it will include lots of Spanish examples so even if you have seen it already, it’s still worth your while coming. Plus you get to go away with your very own resource pack.

We also have Natalia Martin Ramós from the Fundación de la Lengua Española, who will present on ‘La Ciudad como Herramienta Pedagógica’ and Alfredo Perez from  Colegio Delibes will give a presentation on ‘Ideas para Trabajar el Vídeo’.

Finally our Methodology Carousel will give you the opportunity to share tips and ideas with your fellow teachers. Topics will include ‘Promoting Target Language’, ‘Using Graphic Organisers in the Classroom‘, and Assessment for Learning.

Registration will start at 9.30am with the first speaker starting at 10am. There will be a break after the first session, which will give you time to mingle with the other attendees or take a few minutes to view an interesting photography exhibition on Cuba. For lunch we will have a selection of tapas and wine available for lunch courtesy of La Junta de Castilla y León. We expect to finish by 3.30pm.

Registration for the event can be done via our website. If you currently are an ATS member you will be able to book and pay for the workshop in the ‘Upcoming Events’ tab of your account ATS Log In The cost for members is just €10.

If you are NOT yet a member, you will need to set up your free ATS account here ATS Account . The price of the workshop for non-members is €15 but if you wish to avail of the reduced rate for all of our events you can also sign up to our membership for the year.


Killarney – 6th of February

Dublin – 5th of March

Sligo- 9th of April

Our annual Dublin workshop took place on the 5th of March in Dublin West Educational Centre.

The first session  was on “Exploiting audio visual materials in the classroom” and was led by Rosemary Graham.

As in recent years, the afternoon session included peer to peer CPD. This year we focused on approaches to teaching and marking of the opinion piece/link question. The second session was a peer led conversation on the opinion piece.  An emphasis was placed on the “peer-led activity” as there were no examiners present nor any official marking schemes other than that which is available on  We looked at sample work from students and discussed their content and communication as well as shared tips and advice on best practice. Here are some of the ideas that we came up with best-practice-opinion-writing It was a most worthwhile exercise but as each group presented their feedback, it became clear that there were a number of shared doubts and concerns regarding how to mark the link question to best prepare one’s students for the examination. The teachers present urged the committee to get in touch with the SEC for further guidance, especially given that there will be a Chief Examiner’s report this year. You can read a copy of this here.issues-with-the-opinion-piece-updated


We are delighted to be able to offer two regional workshops this year, in Kerry and Sligo, also led by Rosemary Graham on “Exploiting audio visual materials in the classroom“. The second session will be on “Exploiting texts for grammar and vocabulary”.

The Sligo workshop will take place on Saturday 9th of April in the Sligo Education Centre. The workshop costs €10.00 for ATS members and €15.00 for non-members to register for the event via our Eventbrite link here Sligo Workshop There is also an option to register for the event and sign up to our ATS membership via the same link.

The Kerry workshop took place on Saturday 6th of February 2016 in Dromhall Hotel, Killarney. A big thanks to Rosemary Graham for providing such an interesting CPD opportunity for Spanish teachers in the south-west of the country.

We hope to run further workshops in the region in the future so keep an eye on our website and social media pages for information on these.

Previous workshops

Every year the workshop is geared specifically towards methodology for teaching the Spanish language in the Irish classroom, and involves a peer-to-peer session.

Read about previous workshops below:

The 2015 Workshop took place on March 7th in Dublin West Education Centre.

We were delighted to welcome Claire Matthews of the PDST to our Spring 2015 Workshop in early March. Claire treated us to a thought-provoking session on writing in the MFL classroom. Claire’s Prezi can be found below. This was followed by the Methodology Carousel. The results of our discussion at the Methodology Carousel were compiled by members of the committee and can be found below as well. A big thank you to all who attended and made it such an interesting day! If you want to read tweets about the day with photos, links and ideas, click here.

Claire Matthew’s Prezi on Writing in the MFL Classroom and the link to the PDST MFL site where many of the resources that Claire mentioned are available.

Transition Year: MC TY

Trips: Home & Abroad: MC Trips

Drama techniques in the Classroom: MC Drama

Differentiation tips: MC Differentiation


In 2014 we ran two activities for the workshop. You can read the Twitter backchannel (what people were saying about the event on Twitter – really useful condensation of what was said) here.

We were delighted that Fátima Gónzalez Gómez (Academic Director of Cuenca, the True Spanish Experience project and experienced teacher of Spanish as a foreign language with experience gained across the world) could lead a workshop on how to integrate teaching cultural components with the teaching of the Spanish language. She shared tips and ideas as well as leading us in the creation of teaching activities, which were shared in a short presentation at the end of the first session.  Fátima has since shared the teaching activity on the Tres Culturas which she used as a guide for creating CLIL activities.

One of the (many) worksheets at the Methodology Carousel
One of the (many) worksheets at the Methodology Carousel

We also held a Methodology Carousel. At all of our events, we always hear people asking each other for tips and advice and so on this occasion, we built time for that right into the workshop and formalised the process. We voted on topics for discussion on our Facebook page. I’d like to thank members of the committee Rodica Darii, Kay Macken and Lorna McCudden for their help in editing, tidying and putting hotlinks into the notes I took on the day. I personally found this one of the best CPD days in which I’ve had the pleasure of participating, and I was blown away by all the ideas shared by members. These ideas are available on our Resources page and I would like to extend my thanks to all present for being so generous and sharing and presenting their ideas with and to us all.

It was a bittersweet occasion as well as we were delighted to welcome Joan Sutton, Chief Inspector for Spanish to the workshop after Fátima’s session. However, it was with some regret that members learned of the Chief Inspector’s plans to retire this year. We presented her with flowers on behalf of the members and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Joan again for her work throughout her career in the promotion of Spanish as a subject. She kindly shared some words of advice with those present on the day and attendees wrote furiously as Joan spoke about good practice that she has seen around the country and encouraged us to keep up the good work. Joan is particularly interested in differentiation (one of our topics in the methodology carousel) and very kindly shared this very useful document on differentiation: teachers’ handout on differentiation from Joan Sutton Chief Inspector

We held this year’s workshop in Dublin West, for the simple reason that it is bigger than our previous workshop venue and we wanted there to be space for everyone who wanted to come. It’s likely that we will use it in the future so I will leave the directions up: Get directions here. Here is a link to the Dublin West Education Centre contact page if you want to contact them for further information regarding how to get here by public transport. The centre is easily accessible via the LUAS red line and Dublin bus, and is very close to the M50.

Many thanks to all who attended and contributed on the day.


2014 AGM & Conference
This took place on Saturday 11th October, preceded by a TeachMeet on Friday 10th October. This year, further to our intention to make links with other educational bodies, we had a number of short information presentations as well as our usual key speakers.
Ana Sanchez Pérez of Colegio Delibes: Language workshop: direct & indirect object pronouns
Charo Hernández of UCD: La evaluación en el aula de ELE.
Information sessions:
Patrick Coffey of the PDST: the new Scoilnet
Carlos García de la Santa Delgado of the Instituto Cervantes
Lisa Fox of Leargas
Adolfo Carbón of the Consejería de Educación
Kenia Puig i Planella of the PPLI
2014 Workshop:
Fátima Gonzalez Gómez of True Spanish Experience: CLIL
Methodology Carousel: peer-led structured discussions.

 2013 AGM & Conference: 

Ana Sanchez Pérez of Colegio Delibes: two language workshops: por y para, el subjuntivo
Carmen Herrera of Filta: el uso del cine español en el aula
2013 Workshop & Conference:
Lisa Fitzpatrick: Approaching the Oral
Committee members: The new Role Plays
2012 AGM & Conference:
Celine Healy: Towards Developing a 3i Continuum in Language Teacher Education.
Ana Sanchez Pérez of Colegio Delibes: taller de gramática
2012 Workshop:
Patricia García: Jugar a escribir: escritura creativa como herramienta ELE
Alvina Byrne Mulloy: Approaching the novel: Sin noticias de Gurb
2011 AGM & Conference:
Susan Leahy: Debating in the Classroom
Rosemary Graham: Approaching the Skill of Listening