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What are the different types of membership?

Full-time or part-time teacher - Membership €10

Retired teacher, Language Assistant or PME student teacher - Membership €5

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What is the membership cost?

Full-time or part-time teacher - Membership €10

Retired teacher, Language Assistant or PME student teacher - Membership €5

If you would like to sign up to annual membership with ATS Ireland, please visit our Membership Page.

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To renew your annual membership, please visit our Membership Page.

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How can I work as a Spanish Teacher in Ireland? ¿Cómo puedo trabajar como profesor(a) de español en Irlanda?

Para poder enseñar aquí en Irlanda, hay que estar registrado con el Teaching Council (Comité de Profesores) y tambien tener el 'Garda vetting' (es decir, pasar el proceso de investigación con la Policía Nacional, para poder recibir un documento confirmando que puedes trabajar con el público en general y con los niños/adolescentes específicamente).

Abajo hay enlaces de estas dos entidades:



Hay varias medidas para buscar empleos, por ejemplo a través de https://www.educationposts.ie/.

Sin embargo, la mayoría de los colegios piden que estés registrado en el Teaching Council, con un título oficial en castellano.

In order to teach, you need to be registered with the Teaching Council and also to have Garda vetting, which allows you to work with the public in general and with young people specifically. Below you will find links to both these bodies:




Some private schools do not require you to have the same level of registration, and you can sometimes find advertisements for these on the website https://www.educationposts.ie/However, most schools now do require Teaching Council registration.

From a Spanish point of view, even though you are a native Spanish speaker, this will not be enough for you to teach Spanish in Ireland in a secondary school...you will need to show a 3rd level degree qualification in Spanish before the Teaching Council will register you.

You might well be able to offer private classes or work in a local language agency, but unfortunately, we are not able to provide you with any specifics.


You could also contact the Instituto Cervantes

https://dublin.cervantes.es/en/default.shtm as they may be able to offer you employment opportunities, on a private basis.

Where can I find information about teaching Spanish in Ireland?

We receive many emails and messages via social media enquiring about jobs. Much as we would like to provide some kind of jobs forum, it is simply impossible for us to do so.

Please visit our Teaching Spanish in Ireland Page for some information and useful links which may help to point you in the right direction.

How can I increase my "credits" so that the Teaching Council will recognise my qualifications as a Spanish teacher? ¿Cómo puedo aumentar los "puntos" para registrarme con el Teaching Council?

Para profesores de español que no tienen suficientes ‘puntos’ y para registrarse con el Teaching Council (como profesor de ELE a nivel secundaria) , se puede ponerse en contacto con el PPLI a través de este link:



Esta organización (PPLI) también ofrece un Sistema de reembolso / devolución (hasta 15 ECTS) para profesores que hacen el programa. Más información está disponible en el link:


The PPLI has put a reimbursement scheme in place for up to 15 ECTS for teachers completing such programmes. More info is available here:



También, hay cursos disponibles en la Universidad de Maynooth:

PG Diploma (60 ECTS) - https://www.maynoothuniversity.ie/spanish/our-courses/postgraduate-diploma-spanish-teaching-post-primary-level

PG Cert (30 ECTS) - https://www.maynoothuniversity.ie/spanish/our-courses/postgraduate-certificate-spanish-teaching-post-primary-level

Professional Cert (20 ECTS) - https://www.maynoothuniversity.ie/spanish/our-courses/professional-certificate-spanish-teaching-post-primary-level


Para más información y clarificación, se puede dirigirse a: spanish@mu.ie

If you have any questions, please contact spanish@mu.ie