Booking for Conference & TeachMeet 2015

First of all, many thanks for your patience regarding the sign-up and information about this year’s events. You (and we) will probably need lots more of it to get through, but here’s hoping the system works smoothly this year!
Please read the entire post carefully before booking, and keep it to hand when booking.
What to do:
Follow the links at the bottom of the post to Eventbrite. You’ll need your credit card handy.
Do this on a computer, using Chrome or Safari. Lots of people had trouble last year on devices, and using Internet Explorer.
You have to book each event (TeachMeet, Conference) separately. Apologies for the time this will take.
We are processing Membership packages eg TeachMeet + membership or Conference + Membership. We couldn’t arrange it to have all three on one ticket. You only need to buy membership once, of course. After that, choose just the event.
eg First I buy TeachMeet + Membership package. Then I go to the Conference page and I pick Conference (member ticket). Or vice versa.
If you have already paid membership via the Debating Package, just choose the event in each case.
If you don’t want to attend any events in October, and just want to become a member or renew your membership,please email us with this subject title: your name & membership eg Jose Bloggs – Membership. 
The email list to which we send details of jobs, share requests for cover for orals, advertise vacancies, grants, details of exchanges, priority booking for members (new from next year) etc will be updated to include only current members for the year 2015-16. 
Once you have purchased any package including membership, there will be a link that takes you to a Membership Form. It’s essential that you fill this out for your membership to be finalised. We’ll be trying to administer this very carefully and keeping an eye out for people who haven’t done this yet.
If you have issues, please write explaining them clearly, in a new email, with a clear subject line with your name and your query. Without a clear subject title, it just mightn’t get picked up as quickly. Our email is atsirlanda[at]gmail[dot]com.
We really appreciate your patience with this system. We’ll try to be just as patient with all your queries! As we’ve said before, it’s a work in progress and we’ll be happy to hear your thoughts on it.  Remember, we’re all full-time teachers so we mightn’t be able to process all replies as quickly as you (or we) might like, but we’ll be doing our best!
Looking forward to another great year with you as members!

Conference & TeachMeet 2015

This year’s AGM & Conference take place on Saturday, October 10th in the Clarion Hotel Liffey Valley. The Clarion is just off the M50 and the N4, and is about a 10-15 minute walk from the Liffey Valley bus-stop. Where possible, we encourage you to car-share and to investigate the route before the day of the event.

The night before – Friday 9th October – we are delighted to announce we will run our second TeachMeet after the huge success of last year’s oversubscribed inaugural event. Read one committee member’s thoughts on last year’s event here. If you are not sure what  a TeachMeet is, click on the link to read a helpful Prezi by Paul Barrett on what they are and how they work.

We are delighted to welcome Ana Sánchez Pérez of Colegio Delibes back for another year of collaboration. During the last few years, our collaboration with Delibes has been of great benefit and we are greatly looking forward to this year’s presentations. We requested suggestions from members via social media and the result is that this year’s grammar focus is on the past tenses and Ana will also give a special second presentation on the extra-linguistic…gestures, body language and more!

We’re continuing our policy to ask sponsors to provide a prize for the raffle which can go straight to our members rather than charging them a fee, so the sponsors are currently thinking what prizes they can provide to top last year’s! Click here to see our agenda and sponsors for the 2014 AGM and Conference.

Last year we had 130 attendees – we’re getting bigger! So we really appreciate your patience as we move towards a system that can cope with this kind of numbers. We in turn will do our best to respond to queries about the new system when it kicks in.

A reminder that we are bringing the cost of membership down and transferring that cost across the board to events attended, so that you only pay for what you attend. We no longer process group membership, only individual membership. We asked for and received your support on this in May and would just like to underline that this change is a work-in-progress, so bear with us please!


Membership: 10euro

Cost for ATS members of events:

Conference & AGM: 20euro

TeachMeet: 10euro

Previous cost of membership: 30euro, cost of TeachMeet 10euro.

There is no longer any group membership. 

There will be finger food at the TeachMeet and a light lunch will be served at the Conference.

Tickets for both will be available shortly. We look forward to seeing you soon!