2016 Registration for Membership, the AGM and Conference


Membership and registration for our 2016 AGM, Conference and Teachmeet have now closed.

The AGM & Conference once again took place in the Clarion Hotel, Liffey Valley, Dublin on Saturday 15th of October 2016.

To accommodate a larger number of attendees,  Teachmeet was held AFTER the Conference, rather then the night before. This was something that many of you suggested during the survey held on the day and we are happy to be able to make that happen this year.

As it was a longer day, we also took on board another suggestion made by many of you, which is to offer a hot lunch on the day.

We had a great line up for the day from Tía Tula Language School in Salamanca who focuesed on teaching to the A1/A2 language level,  Joan Sutton, former Inspector of Spanish, spoke about differentiation in the classroom. There was also be a brief discussion of the Leaving Certificate link question. Ailbhíne Ní Bhroin, current Inspector of Spanish, also addressed the Association on the day as well. Finally we had a number of teachers presenting at our Teachmeet who provided practical ideas for you all that work in the classroom.



Translation Competition, run by NUI Galway

La Casa de las Conchas, Salamanca
La Casa de las Conchas, Salamanca

We just received notification of a translation competition organised by NUI Galway! We are delighted to promote it!

The competition is for Senior Cycle students of Spanish (also other languages). The competition involves the translation by students of a poem from Spanish into English and the prize for the best translation is €200. The poem to translate and the application form are available at the following link:

The deadline for entries is Friday 16th January. Additional information can be found on the website.

¡Castilla y León es vida!

After the TeachMeet in October, we received many requests for the video made by the winning students and teacher of last year’s Post-Primary Languages Initiative Competition, and so we are delighted to share it here. Congratulations again to Isolde Coveney of Templeogue College and her students Chris Lee and Kevin McMahon on their wonderful video and well-deserved win!

Post-Primary Inspector: Spanish

IMG_0585The Spanish teachers of Ireland are lucky to have had Joan Sutton as Chief Inspector over the last number of years. Those of you present at the workshop in May were present when she announced her retirement to the Association and shared some words of advice with us. We took the opportunity then and we do so again to thank her for her work in supporting and promoting the teaching and learning of Spanish in this country.

The next step, of course, is for a new Inspector to be appointed. Interested? Follow this link to read the job description and advertisement. You could be the new Inspector!


Debating Finals 2014

This post about the Debating Finals is long overdue but with the busy lead-up to Easter, it just wasn’t possible to get everything done.

A huge congratulations to the teams which reached the finals of both the Plate and the Cup Competition! The motion debated was the same for both competitions and the schools were as below:

Las redes sociales tienen un efecto negativo sobre la juventud.

The team from Templeogue College
The team from Templeogue College

Plate Competition 

Templeogue College v Loreto Beaufort

Cup Competition 

Castleknock College v The King’s Hospital School.

Both finals were incredibly closely debated and the students impressed all present with their speeches and their rebuttals. In the end, though, only one team could win each final. Well done to Loreto Beaufort and Castleknock College who were, in the end, the victorious teams!

The best speakers on the night were Seán O’Keeffe of Templeogue College and Liam Forbes of the King’s Hospital School. Both young men received vouchers from Euro Languages College, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Eurolanguages for their generosity.

Thanks also to the Instituto Cervantes Dublin, who once again kindly hosted the evening, and to our judges for both debates.

Finally, a word of thanks to Nicola Cronin, who organises the entire Debating Competition for her hard work and dedication throughout the year, and to all of the teachers and ATS committee members who gave of their time to make this competition possible.

I can’t emphasise enough how beneficial this competition is for the students who take part. Keep an eye on the website and on your inbox as soon as the 2014-15 school year starts to see how to get involved next year, and – in preparation – read all about how the competition works here.

The Quiz: March 11, 2014

Visit our Quiz page to read about this year’s quiz and to sign-up your teams. This year’s Quiz takes place on Tuesday, March 11th in Rathdown School in Glenageary.

There’s lots of prizes for students (and a few for teachers) and it promises to be the usual evening of fun and frustration as the students vie for both first prize and the coveted spot prizes!Queso

As you will see from the quiz page above, we are using Eventbrite to carry out our registration. It is free for you to use Eventbrite, though you will need to set up an account with it (it requires your email address for this). As we are planning to use Eventbrite for future events, this is a good opportunity to get familiar with it.

Many thanks to Wilma Slevin, who is organising – among other things –  the registration for the evening, and to Frieda Burke, whose school is hosting the event, and who is therefore handling the on-site organisation.

We look forward to seeing you on the night!

Quarter-Finals of the debates

A big congratulations to all the teams who participated in the first rounds of the debates. These events are nerve-wracking for the students and it is amazing to see how well they do when dealing with controversial topics in a foreign language under pressure.

A huge thank you also to all of the teachers supporting their own teams and doing the judging, and particularly the people who came to judge without having a team debating – it is hugely appreciated!

One of the topics in the group rounds had to do with emigration.
One of the topics in the group rounds had to do with emigration.

So, without any further ado, here are the teams who have made it through to the quarter-finals. The date and motion are yet to be decided.

Mt. Anville v Templeogue
Dominicans v Castleknock College
Mac Dara’s v St. Wolstan’s
King’s Hospital v Loreto Beaufort

Best of luck to all!

AGM Prizewinners

As you will be aware, if you follow our Facebook page, there is a little delay with the follow-up by Colegio Delibes with their presentations due to the fact that (oops) not everyone wrote their names legibly on the email sign-in sheet! We’re working with Alfredo to try and figure out who’s who, but in the meantime we just wanted to let you know who the winners of all the prizes were at the AGM.

Once again we were delighted to have so many exhibitors at our AGM and Conference this year and we were delighted with all the prizes put forward by them. I know I’m not alone when I say how nice it is to win something!

I hope spellings of names are correct – these were passed to us by the exhibitors who got them from you so…

Jean Costello : Stein Study 2 Theatre tickets
Kim Clarke- ‘Language & Adventure’  voucher for a teacher pre-view weekend.
Karen Whooley- International Books large wall map.
Faustina Moran -Edco Nikon camera
Prize from Learn Foreign Language Skills
Prize from Learn Foreign Language Skills

Cathy Mulligan- learnforeignlanguageskills.com  ALL IN 8 class license (30 students & Teacher, worth €300)

Geraldine Parsons: Euro Languages College €100 One-For-All Gift Card
Irene Navarro- School tour company- €100 travel voucher
Anna Burmeister- ISLA language camp (Rathdown School)- free 2 week course for a student (worth €400)
Cliona Hallissey – class set of Practicamos from Folens.
I was one of five lucky winners to receive a lovely Spanish poster from Learn Foreign Language Skills – the poster which is circled in the photo here.
We hope that the prizes you received are helping out somehow in your teaching! Do drop us a line or send us a photo we can include on the website to show how you are using your prize!
Best wishes for the rest of the term if we don’t see you at the debates!