Presentations & Links from TeachMeet & Conference 2014

Our AGM and Conference 2014 was the biggest yet, with 130 attendees! Here are some of the presentations. Please note that some will download directly to your computer, while others will open as a new webpage.


Promotion of Languages by Faustina Moran of Dominican College, Glasnevin.

The presentation on Pinterest which Kenia Puig i Planella of the Post-Primary Languages Initiative delivered.


Language Teachers Conference presentation Spanish Teachers AGM 11.10.2014 by email – the presentation by Lisa Fox of Leargas. 

Español en Irlanda by Alvina Byrne Mulloy of Coláiste Cois Life on Spanish in Ireland.

La catedral de Salamanca, foto sacada por S. Leahy
La catedral de Salamanca, foto sacada por S. Leahy

Presentation by Ana Sánchez Pérez of Colegio Delibes, Salamanca on direct and indirect object pronouns.

Ana’s Powerpoint

Exercises using the Simpsons, by Ana.

Presentation by Charo Hernández: La evaluación en el aula.

Presentation Charo Hernandez (PDF)

La evaluación en el aula_Bibliografía

AGM speech  by Susan Leahy on the work of the ATS this year.