AGM & Conference 2014

Otoño en Dublín, foto sacada por S. Leahy
This year’s AGM and Conference took place in the Kilmainham Hilton Hotel on Saturday, October 11th. We changed location in order to provide our members with a better experience during the AGM. This year, we were excited to hold a Teach Meet on the Friday night, also in the Hilton. Read one committee member’s thoughts on it here. If you are not sure what  a TeachMeet is, click on the link to read a helpful Prezi by Paul Barrett on what they are and how they work. The TeachMeet created an incredible buzz among the 50 teachers lucky enough to get tickets! We’ll be sharing some of the presentations here for those of you who weren’t able to get tickets.
 During July and early August, our members voted on what language point they would like dealt with on the day, and on how they would like the language workshop to be slanted ie as a language lesson or as a methodology lesson.  They opted for a methodology-style lesson, and Ana Sánchez Pérez of Colegio Delibes once again obliged, delivering a lively presentation on the old chestnut of direct and indirect object pronouns! Read some of the blog posts for reactions to the AGM from some of the record 130 attendees – we’re getting bigger and (we hope) better every year! We’ll be sharing some of the presentations here and via email. Here’s the conference agenda and our list of sponsors who were more than generous and imaginative in coming up with raffle prizes for our members. It has been our policy to ask sponsors to provide a prize for the raffle which can go straight to our members rather than charging them a fee, and from the anticipation in the room, this was a great idea!! Click here to see our agenda and sponsors for the 2014 AGM and Conference.

This year, we asked you to sign up and pay using Eventbrite. We thank you for your patience in dealing with the teething problems in getting you registered in the morning, and look forward to this becoming a more and more efficient process as we move through the year. Many of you had paid for membership already using Eventbrite and we appreciate your doing this as it made our lives easier.  Thank you also to those of you who remembered to bring correct change for membership (€30 for individual, €40 for group membership) or a cheque made payable to ATS Ireland. It’s a small thing, but it made our lives easier!

We look forward to seeing you at our events during the year.