Esta casa apoya la independencia para Cataluña

Yet another debate has taken place with great success. Teams arrived from all over the country to once again battle it out for a place in Round 2 of our debating competition.

Ophelia made it difficult for some to get the practice in but overall our teams showed up and did the job they came to do. Congratulations to our winners on the night and the best speakers.

We would again like to encourage our participants to leave plenty of time to arrive to Castleknock College and to be mindful of the time penalty.

If you didn’t get a team in this year please apply for next year. This is a very popular event and it does a great job of improving student’s confidence in their spoken Spanish.

We look forward to seeing our debaters again in the finale of Round 1 with the motion “Creemos que los deberes deben estar prohibidos.” (We believe that homework should be banned.)

¡Hasta pronto!