Debating Results

¡Enhorabuena! to the finalists in both the Plate and Cup competitions of the Debating.

Congratulations to Rathdown School who beat King’s Hospital School to win the Plate.

Congratulations to Mount Anville School who beat MacDara’s Community College to win the Cup.

The ATS is extremely grateful to Euro Languages College for funding best speaker prizes for both competitions. These were won by Nadia Hourihan of the King’s Hospital School and Ella Fennelly of Mt Anville School.

Well done to not only the teachers of the teams who got to the finals, but to all of you who encouraged your team to participate and gave of your time all those wintry Wednesday evenings!

Thank you also to Nicola Cronin for coordinating the entire competition and to Frieda Burke for helping her. We were delighted to continue our collaboration with the Instituto Cervantes, where the finals were held.

Thank you to their Academic Director, Carlos García de la Santa Delgado, to Kenia Puig of the PPLI, to Adolfo Carbón of the Consejería, and to Isolde Coveney, Alvina Byrne Mulloy and Leticia Merín who all participated as judges.

We look forward to next year’s competition!