Debating Quarter Finals 2014-15

Hola everybody,

Loreto Beaufort - winners of the Plate Competition in 2014.
Loreto Beaufort – winners of the Plate Competition in 2014.

First of all thank ye all so very much for your help over the first three nights of debating and well done to all. It is hard work, first getting a team together and secondly trying to get them to do something!!!! On top of a day’s work, it’s not easy.

As I explained last night and in my first email, this is the end of the road for some schools, as we are now at the quarter finals stage. However, having said that, I would encourage your students to come along to the debates, especially if they are 4/5th yrs. and will be participating next year. It’s a good aural comprehension exercise. Likewise, they can do the topics as an opinion piece for homework!! Thank you to all of you for participating and helping out. Hopefully, we’ll see you in the competition again next year.

To all of the schools this year, I would be very grateful if you could send me on your school’s address as – in a new step and further development of the Competition this year – I have certificates for your team that I would like to send out.

Regarding the quarter finals, the following teams have gotten through. Congratulations and well done!!!! As I mentioned in my original email, it is a free draw for the next round, so the quarters are as follows:

Loreto Green v Mt Anville
Rathdown v Belvedere
Tralee v The King’s Hospital
Mac Dara’s v St. Andrew’s

Proposition are: Loreto, Rathdown, Tralee, Mac Dara’s
Opposition are: Mt. Anville, Belvedere, The King’s Hospital, St. Andrew’s.

The motion is: ‘el agua es una comodidad, no un derecho humano’.

The next round is Wed. Nov 19th at 6pm in Castleknock college.

if you no longer have a team in the competition but would be available to judge on that night, please let me know. As we all know, it is hard to get ‘neutral’ judges so it would be greatly appreciated if some of you would come to judge.

Thank you all again and hopefully see ye back next year. it doesn’t be long coming round, that’s for sure!!!!

Hasta luego,