Debating Semifinals

Last Wednesday, we were delighted to hold the quarterfinals of the Spanish Debating Competition in Castleknock College. There were some extremely heated debates about whether or not school uniforms should be made obligatory and in the end, the judges had some tough decisions to make.

The winners from the quarterfinals proceed to the semifinals of the Cup and the losers from the quarterfinals proceed to the semifinals of the Plate competition.

In 2014, therefore, on January 15th in Castleknock, the following schools will be debating Hay que introducir una cuota de género en las elecciones parlimentarias, which should put them through their paces:

 Proposition                                           Opposition
Mt. Anville                   v                        Castleknock College
Mac Daras                    v                        King’s Hospital
Proposition                                             Opposition
Loreto Beaufort          v                        St Wolstan’s
Templeogue                 v                        Dominicans

As always, you don’t have to be participating in the debates to judge, we are interested in opening the judging panels to people who might not have teams in the event or are interested in seeing how the competition works, so if you are free to attend from just before 6pm until about 7.30pm, we would be very grateful for your help!

Please contact Nicola at ncronincastleknock[AT]hotmail[DOT]com if you would like to participate as a judge.