AGM Prizewinners

As you will be aware, if you follow our Facebook page, there is a little delay with the follow-up by Colegio Delibes with their presentations due to the fact that (oops) not everyone wrote their names legibly on the email sign-in sheet! We’re working with Alfredo to try and figure out who’s who, but in the meantime we just wanted to let you know who the winners of all the prizes were at the AGM.

Once again we were delighted to have so many exhibitors at our AGM and Conference this year and we were delighted with all the prizes put forward by them. I know I’m not alone when I say how nice it is to win something!

I hope spellings of names are correct – these were passed to us by the exhibitors who got them from you so…

Jean Costello : Stein Study 2 Theatre tickets
Kim Clarke- ‘Language & Adventure’  voucher for a teacher pre-view weekend.
Karen Whooley- International Books large wall map.
Faustina Moran -Edco Nikon camera
Prize from Learn Foreign Language Skills
Prize from Learn Foreign Language Skills

Cathy Mulligan-  ALL IN 8 class license (30 students & Teacher, worth €300)

Geraldine Parsons: Euro Languages College €100 One-For-All Gift Card
Irene Navarro- School tour company- €100 travel voucher
Anna Burmeister- ISLA language camp (Rathdown School)- free 2 week course for a student (worth €400)
Cliona Hallissey – class set of Practicamos from Folens.
I was one of five lucky winners to receive a lovely Spanish poster from Learn Foreign Language Skills – the poster which is circled in the photo here.
We hope that the prizes you received are helping out somehow in your teaching! Do drop us a line or send us a photo we can include on the website to show how you are using your prize!
Best wishes for the rest of the term if we don’t see you at the debates!